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Alright. LL Cool J & Jay-Z war ain’t gonna happen…

Yup. It ain’t gonna happen people. I know it must disappointed many people, including myself. I was quite looking forward to this so-called war to come on any minute. It’s gonna be huge.

But nope, it ain’t happening. It’s official. Both of them sorta came out and cleared the air. LL Cool J admitted he was bit*hing a little but he believes he deserves the rights to bit*h at the label he “co-established” a decade ago. (Source) But he declared that no really hard feelings and he is always open to sit down and talk as businessmen do. On the other hand, Jay sees this whole thing as just another BS.

Damn… so close… why can’t they just do it for the sake of Hip-Hop fans?!


Kanye vs. 50 cent war is officially over

According the 3rd week sales numbers, Kanye has won once again. Although, he only sold 1.3million copies so far which is considered disappointing. But, at least he’s achieved the “platinum” status for his album. On the other hand, going into 4th week, 50 cent is still almost 100,000 copies short. I don’t know what he has to say this time. He is not accustomed to losing. His last album “Massacre” sold 1.1million copies in 4 days and 5million copies total in U.S. alone. Where did those other 4million fans go?  This is just a perfect sign for the end of G-Unit era. Don’t expect anybody anticipating or buying the G-Unit album as well. And 50 cent might have to return to the studio to re-record some new materials for his upcoming 80% done album.