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T.I. arrested

Oh boy… T.I. just got arrested yesterday. Cops caught him buying guns and silencers and also found a couple more guns in his house. (He was supposed to perform in BET award show)

I know, I know. Some of you T.I. fans must be saying that, the cops set him up, by putting a snitch around him as a bodyguard. (Apparently, one of T.I.’s bodyguard is working for the police. And the bodyguard was the one who also approached T.I. to buy the guns.) So I could see this whole thing as a setup.

But at the end of the day, T.I. said “yes” and “bring them to my house”. So, why did he buy them in the first place? Can’t rappers just learn and be smart? When you reach a certain level of status, you just have to watch what you are doing. No matter Hip-Hop police exists or not. And you all claim that Hip-Hop police definitely exists. Then why you put yourself in a situation like this?