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Alright. LL Cool J & Jay-Z war ain’t gonna happen…

Yup. It ain’t gonna happen people. I know it must disappointed many people, including myself. I was quite looking forward to this so-called war to come on any minute. It’s gonna be huge.

But nope, it ain’t happening. It’s official. Both of them sorta came out and cleared the air. LL Cool J admitted he was bit*hing a little but he believes he deserves the rights to bit*h at the label he “co-established” a decade ago. (Source) But he declared that no really hard feelings and he is always open to sit down and talk as businessmen do. On the other hand, Jay sees this whole thing as just another BS.

Damn… so close… why can’t they just do it for the sake of Hip-Hop fans?!


Greatest of All Time: Jay-Z vs. LL Cool J

For the past week, a lot of blogs were talking about the possibility of LL Cool J and Jay-Z are going at each other. A greatest beef of all time might begin any time soon.

How and why? It all started when Jay-Z was appointed¬† to be the president of Def Jam. And LL Cool J, who served Def Jam from day one, didn’t take it very well. He claimed that he refused to work under a “competitor”(Jay-Z is still a rapper afterall) and questioned Jay’s capability of promoting his current/future albums. (Source) So he left the record company mainly because of that reason, and now rumors say he has signed with G-Unit (50 cent co-produced his last Def Jam album) . So the whole thing “sorta” started from there, and a recent interview of LL Cool J “sorta” confirmed his feeling about the whole situation of Jay being the president of Def Jam. (Source)

On Jay-Z side, he never really came out and say anything about LL Cool J, he actually shows a lot of respect from time to time recognizing him as one of the greatest. Not until a recent verse on “I get money Billionaire remix” (if you still haven’t heard it then go here), where he said “I’m already a goat, next stop, the billy” stirred up some controversy. (Of course you know LL calls himself the GOAT – Greatest of All Time right) Although, Jay-Z claimed that the “I’m already a goat” line was not meant to be a dis or nothing like that. (Source) But, it sure started a lot of speculations. He also said that LL should have called him up and talk instead of handling the situation this way, and if he really wanted to go at LL he might as well go all the way.

Why are people paying so much attention about this? Well, what beef doesn’t create any attention right? (except Bow Wow vs. Romeo)

It’s because, if they really have decided to go off at each other. No doubt it will be the biggest and most entertaining/existing beef of all time. Just look at the achievements on their resumes. Let start with LL first, the lip licking/nipples showing/Ladies Love Cool James rapper, was not soft at all. And yes, he even got a permission from mama to knock you out too.¬† How many rappers’ careers did he destroyed? Canibus’s gone for sure. He was furious in 80s and early 90s. And what about Jay, the beef with Nas was one of the most talked beef of all time (although many think that he lost) and his genius wordplays and metaphors and pulling out stunts like displaying rivalries’ childhood pictures and stuff.

I’m sure it is going to be real interesting one and a healthy one as well. By health I mean, it is going to be all on wax type. They are both old enough and well achieved. There will no fighting in clubs or killing each other friends or nothing violence. Certainly you will not see them flashing their guns with 30 “homies” behind them somewhere on the street on any DVDs either. This is going to be pure lyrical and what the Hip-Hop might need right now.