Ringtone rules

Busta sounded bitter. But he was making a point. Nowadays, bouncy beats with a catchy hook seem to rule the Hip-Hop world. “2 steps”, “This is why I am hot” or Soulja boy are only some of the good examples. You don’t even have to have spitting skill anymore. If you know how to come up with a catchy hook and an unique dance. Record labels would love you to death. Because it’s cheap to produce (FruitLoop is free), promotion budget down to nothing (Myspace & YouTube), and most importantly, you might sell a million ringtones before even your album hits the store.


2 responses to “Ringtone rules

  1. I am simply surprised! I will take into account. Thanks for the author!
    So gOOd!!!

  2. I like this video . It simply made me dance here..

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