LL Cool J & Jay-Z beef pending

While we are still waiting til either one of them to drop a dis record (The latest LL Cool J’s joint isn’t a dis). Let’s talk about another one. This time, it’s pure competition of producing hit records instead rhymthing.

Timbaland plans chart showdown with Dr.Dre. One producer who he has highest respect to. (He even calls him “daddy”) This idea is inspired by the recent showdown of Kanye and 50 cent, which created trementous hype and first week sales. The showdown has also inspired another two mega-stars to go head-to-head with each other. Rumors circulating that Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige will most likely drop their upcoming albums on the same date (Source), of course it is all top executives’ idea from their record labels, knowing that the hype could benefit both parties in some way.

I personally cannot wait to see this go down. I hope this showdown starts tomorrow. Both Dr.Dre and Timbaland are the two of the most talented and influential producers of all time in Hip-Hop. (I know many would argue that Premo & J.Dilla should be the ones)

Both Dr.Dre and Timbaland put out uncountable hits, for more than 10 years. The most influential producer of the two, I’d have to say Dr.Dre. Dr.Dre not only put out hits one after another. His music has created/defined eras in different timeframe. Hardcore gangsta rap with N.W.A. in late 80s, G-Funk with Snoop Dogg in early 90s, then went on bringing in Eminem and 50 cent who later sold more albums than all other rappers have combined. Dr.Dre should rename himself to “Dr.Success” or something. Look at his past, he left Ruthless Records, they failed. He left Death Row Records at its peak, then Death Row became the Tha Row and then now “Tha Gone”. After he left Death Row, he started Aftermath Records and turned into one of the most powerful record label right now. Ain’t that some ish?

In the other hand, Timbaland never had the same success with his own records label. In fact, I would say he sucks at signing artists. Magoo or Mango? He didn’t create any particualr “era” himself as well. But I would say he is the most talented producer of the two. Although some would say, his music sounded the same the whoooolllleee time. You could probably hear the same drum or snare or something. Which I agree, you could tell if it’s a Timbaland beat or not almost like instantly (not as easy as Skateboard P tho) But he would give you something completely different everytime. His music would sound similiar but at the same time it also sound completely different (I know I don’t make sense here!) His capability of making top chart records is unquestionable. But it’s his ability to produce top chart records in different kind of music that makes him amazing. Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop, he is even going into the dance/techno kind of music too.

I really hope this showdown starts tomorrow or even tonight. I can’t wait. You know what would be better? Dr.Dre produces for Eminem, and Timbaland produces for Jay-Z. That would be crazy.


2 responses to “LL Cool J & Jay-Z beef pending

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    Just when you thought Jay-z aint beefin no more Hov is at it again this time with Justin Timberlake.JT was performing with his old crew members N-Sync on stage as a RE-UNION TOUR then Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella group smash down the stage with bats then JT and N-Sync run of stage.People have said Jay-Z acted that way because he believes Justin Timberlake and Beyonce were having an undercover affair while making the song together “Until the End of Time”.To watch the video of Jay-z trashing down Jusitn Timberlake on stage here is the link from Youtube>>>>>>>>>>>>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ2fJCA7eFU

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