Kanye won…

Nothing is really happening beside this whole Kanye vs. 50 cent thing. It’s like everything else stopped moving.

Well… It’s official. Kanye won the battle. The first week sales of “Graduation” beat “Curtis” by a big margin.  930k to 660k. Curtis didn’t just lose in the states. He lost in the UK too. No wonder he canceled the tour over there.

Now, 50 cent is running around saying that Def Jam cheated, either by buying a large amount of albums or counting 4 with 1 scan. And he’s also saying that Interscope didn’t support the album enough. Hm… I don’t blame him. It must be very uneasy for him. He’s been winning all these years.

50 cent is predicting that “Graduation”‘s sales will drop dramatically in the second week. Let see what happens then.


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