Where is Camron?

Where is Camron? Nobody really knows. Not even his “former” homie, Jim Jones himself. He said he haven’t talked to him in months. I guess Cam is still chilling in his “beach chair” somewhere.

Well, summer is almost over. It’s time for Cam to climb back out. A couple of blogs mentioned today, Cam is about to make a surprise appearance somewhere, Hot97 or RapCity. I’m actually looking forward to it. I wonder what he has left to say. He always seems to have something “smart” to say. But this time around, things are different. After all those stupid homemade youtube videos, got sucker punched and Jim Jones leaving him behind, people are laughing at him. I really wonder how is he gonna make a comeback.


One response to “Where is Camron?

  1. yo im chinese and i am a big fan of dipset and camron… but listen to my hood, shanghai and some other songs, and you’ll hear camron dissing chinese people. i dont know about now if hes cool with asian people but back then he dissed us alot…

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