BET Rap City has brought up an interesting topic today. “Is Rap city dead?” , and I would answer that question, “Yes”. Long time ago indeed.

Rap city died when BET decided to not bring Big Tigger back to the show, “Rap City The Basement”, a couple of years ago. Remember the grandmama’s basement with some dirty couches and the bathroom booth? I missed the most when rappers walk down the stairs and chill at couches chatting, and of course, the freestyle sections. It looked really fun. You could tell by the rappers’ facial expression that they were also actually enjoying it.

Ever since, BET’s team has tried hard to find someone to fill Big Tigger’s spot and flipped around the set for a couple of times. And nothing worked. The show is boring and become just another regular “rappers self-promotion” show. The set is plain ugly. Could BET spend just a little bit more on the setting for their shows?

Anyways, I just miss the good ol’ days, when I was actually looking forward to watch the show everyday after school at my grandmama’s. Now that I moved out of my grandmama’s house, so did the show.   


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