Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

Just decided to delete all my previous posts and start this blog fresh. The reasons why are, instead of posting multiple random posts everyday, I would rather do a daily sum-up post of what I’ve read/heard on that day. And most importantly, I want to get serious with this blog, sharing my perspective and opinion, criticizing rappers/singles/albums/movies.

Hope this blog would give you something a little bit different from the others, because first, I’m Chinese, who grew up in Asia and was introduced to Hip-Hop culture just some 10 years ago. And I could honestly admit that I never completely understood or related to what rappers are saying (language barrier & I’m not from the “hood”.) But I believe we all share one thing in common,

“the love for Hip-Hop”. I don’t necessary “live” Hip-Hop. But I definitely “Love” Hip-Hop.

Enough said. Here a little bit about myself:

  • a 20+ year old Chinese guy currently resides in Canada
  • my first Hip-hop related album was Fresh Price & DJ Jazzy Jeff “Code Red” (go ahead laugh at me, I had no choice my cousin bought me that)
  • Fugees, Cypress Hill, Tupac & Wu-Tang got me seriously hooked (should I put Beastie Boys on the list?)
  • was blown away by Juice, Friday, New Jersey Drive, Menace II soceity… etc.
  • would go to a club which no other Asian person could be found and got stared down (hey, I love the music you love too!)

By the way, just bought the Kanye’s album the day it released. Go cop yours if you haven’t yet. Right Now. Don’t you torrent it. You get your money worth with this one. Trust me.


One response to “Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

  1. I Love Hiphop Music

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